Sally Guaspari, LCPC, NCC


Alberi is the Italian word for 'trees.'  The tree is considered by some cultures and sometimes psychologically as a representation of self.  The discovery and awareness of self is a lifelong task.  Although our core self most often remains the same, some of our traits can mold or bend according to life experiences and influences.  Counseling can help us define more clearly who we are and what we need to find that contentment and happiness we strive for.


Life is full of transitions and is a given.   Loss is often the most distressing experience we encounter, whether it is the death of a loved one or pet, or the loss of a relationship, job, or physical ability.  Counseling can provide support, insight,  and hope to help you cope and find strength through this very difficult time.


Living with anxiety is incredibly uncomfortable and negatively effects all facets of life.  Sometimes the causes are obvious and other times our anxieties are a result of other factors that are not so apparent.  In counseling we can uncover the sources of your discomfort and learn skills to help you manage your stress and fears and improve the quality of your life.

Anger,  Stress & Emotion Regulation

Although anger is a common emotion, it can be a very ineffective response to stressful situations.  It is not only detrimental to the recipients of your rage, but is unhealthy for yourself.  Whether your anger is expressed physically, verbally, with meltdowns, addictions, or even by repressing it, we can learn skills to manage intense emotions to improve relationships and your overall well-being.


Lack of self-love and self-respect is often the cornerstone to many issues and life satisfaction.   When we do not feel good about ourselves, for whatever reason, or have trouble defining who we truly are, it can manifest in many ways - fear, shyness, jealousy, social phobia, depression, anxiety, and even narcissistic traits or inappropriate behaviors.  Counseling can assist you in honoring the unique specialness that is you, to become less concerned with how others view you, reduce fears, and improve human connection.


When relationships are strained, it impacts our joy, contentment, parenting, and productivity.  Often relationships become stuck in ineffective patterns of communication and conflict resolution.  Couples counseling provides a neutral perspective on the patterns of behavior that are causing dissatisfaction.  It may also include personality tests to help your understanding of each other, as well as methods to improve communication and add more love and joy to your relationship.


If you have experienced a traumatic event (or multiple events) in your life, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an empirically proven method for relieving distress.  Sufferers from rape, childhood abuse, disaster, car accidents, war, violence, or as a witness of trauma have found relief from disturbing thoughts and memories with the use of EMDR.  Counseling, with or without EMDR, can help you process painful experiences and live with more contentment and pleasure.